We wanted to answer a key question with our Auto Coin Grow review: Is Auto Coin Grow a scam?

Auto Coin Grow claims to be a legit service. This trading software is completely free to use and offers access to a crypto trading robot.

If you’re not sure about AutoCoinGrow.com, you can get started in demo trading mode. This allows you to see how the algorithm performs in simulated market conditions without actually risking any money on trades.

Auto Coin Grow Minimum Deposit
One thing to keep in mind is that Auto Coin Grow does require a minimum deposit of $100. This deposit is the minimum deposit to open an account at any of Auto Coin Grow’s partner brokers. It’s also the initial investment that Auto Coin Grow will use to trade on your behalf and grow your trading account. However, please remember that all trading includes risks and potential losses.

This initial deposit is your money and you can withdraw it at any time if you’re not satisfied with Auto Coin Grow.

Auto Coin Grow Customer Support
Like Bitcoin Era, Auto Coin Grow offers 24/7 customer support for active users. However, there is no way to get in touch with Auto Coin Grow’s customer service team before you sign up and create an account.